Fourth Hour is a collection of original content -- stories, interviews, videos -- inspired by the feelings you get from gathering together with the women that you love for dinner parties that last hours longer than you planned. 

The name, Fourth Hour, is an homage to the very best part of those nights. The Fourth Hour is when that last bottle of wine is opened and everyone decides to stay for one more drink. The Fourth Hour is when you find yourself telling stories you've never told anyone -- and being validated and supported by the women around you when you do. The Fourth Hour is when you finally get the advice you've been needing about IUDs, it's when you realize that you can make a career connection for someone at the table, it's when you have that magical "oh my god, me too, I thought I was the only one" moment.

The Fourth Hour is what sustains us as we do the hard work of being women. It leaves us feeling connected and supported and seen and strong. Most importantly, it is our reminder that we are never alone and that we are in this together.

The story

It all started in March of 2015 when Conversations With Her, an interview series profiling women and the things that matter to them, was launched. The idea behind Conversations With Her is what women's stories are powerful, healing things that have the power to make us feel less alone, to change the way we see ourselves, and to turn us on to possibilities for our lives that we never could have imagined.

Next came The Girl Gang Missives, a weekly newsletter reporting on the things that women make, create, build, launch & write every week. Why? Because when we celebrate the best in others, we illuminate the best in ourselves.

In October 2015, Fourth Hour published its first ebook, On Resilience. The book is a special themed collection of Conversations With Her profiles. A portion of the proceeds of the book sales go to a charity whose mission supports resilience: an organization that provides diapers to mothers in need.

upcoming projects

Currently working on a reading list for tough stuff called 'Is This Normal?'


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