This one's for you.

This one's for the woman sitting in the waiting room of yet another gyno office, trying to find answers to her health problems.

This one's for the woman who just lost someone that she loves and is coming face to face with grief for the first time. 

This one's for woman who is trying to cobble together enough revenue to keep her new business running for another month.

This one's for the woman whose brand-new mental health diagnosis is causing her to question who she really is. 

This one's for all of us.

On Resilience is a collection of 7 real-life stories from 7 real-life women who have overcome challenges both big and small and the lessons that came from it. Some have survived the unsurvivable -- death, abuse, war. Others are examples of the everyday courage it takes to lead the life you dream of. 

A beautifully-designed PDF ebook, On Resilience can be read on your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or e-reader and features original artwork by Amanda McCusker.

It is more than a collection of stories, it is a handbook for the heart.

"I love Conversations With Her because I always find a little piece of myself in them. There's nothing more comforting than seeing yourself aligned with another woman's story." - J.M.




so why did you write this book?

Nicole Belanger

Nicole Belanger

This is the first-ever book-length project from Conversations With Her, an uplifting and inspiring profile series dedicated to telling the remarkable stories that come out of everyday women's lives. 

I started writing Conversations With Her because I believe that women's stories matter. When a woman tells her story, she becomes pure possibility for other women. When we see ourselves reflected in a story, it is a powerful reminder that we are not alone. That moment of, “Wow, me too, I guess I’m not the only one.” I want every woman to have that experience. To do that, we need to collect and share as many narratives about women’s lived experiences as humanly possible.